Customize ember-cli Brocfile

I saw there is some documentation on how to customize your Brocfile on the website, but not that extensive ones. Whenever I build for production I want to include and copy some of the built files with

For the first one I did just try stripDebug(app.toTree()), but that then just takes 45 seconds to load up the server and doesn’t seem to do much. For the second one I suppose I could also use grunt, but wanted to check if there is supposed to be an official way and what that would be?

It might also be useful to extend the ember-cli documentation a bit on how to customize the Brocfile, what to do in there and what not.

The following works:

var appTree = app.toTree();

var stripDebug = require(‘broccoli-strip-debug’); appTree = stripDebug(appTree);