Defining an API endpoint on a model-by-model basis

(Posting here since my stackoverflow question has not raised much interest)

I need to specify the API endpoints on a model by model basis. How can I do this? The closest I have come to this is the description of namespace, but this applies to the top-level URL.

My problem is that my API structure is not the one that emberjs expects. For example, I have these two objects, with completely different API endpoints:

phones -> /api/nodes/extensions/phones
nodes  -> /api/nodes

How can I configure the endpoints for each model?


See ember.js - Does ember-data really support nested urls? - Stack Overflow


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I’d like to see this as an option also, because if you’re going to be building an Ember frontend on anything that looks like a SOA, then chances are you’re going to be composing models from various sources, not all of which will live under the same root path.


Or even on a different domain, especially if you are dealing with mapping data like overlays and location data.

I also would love this. I posted the same question a few days ago: