Dependency Resolution Between Bower and NPM

Lets say that I want to use a hypothetical library called load.js.

Can this library ever exist in both NPM and Bower? If so, how do I know which I should be grabbing the library from (is this just something that needs to be documented?)?

Now, lets assume that a library can exist in both NPM and Bower. Is there documentation on how dependency resolution is done across NPM and Bower? For example, what if the bower.json wants version 2 but the package.json wants version 5?

Thanks for any help this would really clarify a lot.

Use npm rather than bower if you want import inside some application class.

import {Load} from 'load';

For packges like bootstrap you should use bower, and it’s necessary import from ember-cli-build.js. Angular already stop to use bower in favor of only npm packages.