Design URL for the search

Hey people, I’m a frontend dev and new to designing apps

I want to implement a search page similar to Liamtra]( I just don’t know what is a good URL design for this functionality.

Is using dynamic segments the right choice or is there a better design? I could use some opinions from you experienced devs.

Dynamic segment(s) means a new route, which means a different “page” more or less. This is preferable if your UI is nested or if you want separate routes and fits a “resource” based page better. The problems start to crop up if you have more than a couple dynamic segments or you want “dynamic” data like in a search form.

I’d say query params are much more conventional and a better fit for a search type UI. You can have any number of query params bound to a single page and the ordering/values can be arbitrary and they’re really just passed straight through the router.

There are still some choices you have to make… do you want a separate page for a new search vs search results, etc but I would definitely use query params for persisting search params to the results page URL.