Destroyrecord promise never fire

I guess I got this all wrong. the alert in the code below never fires (for what it matter, I’m deleting an “identifier” which belong to a “deal” and even though the call hit my api, and delete the record, it still show in my template…hence me trying to get some return function working so that I can reload the parent [deal])

        /*var deal = this.modelFor('deals/show'); 
        identifier.destroyRecord().then(() => { 
            alert("this never fire.....");
        identifier.destroyRecord().then(function () {
            alert("this never fire.....");

Because it likely failed…

identifier.destroyRecord().catch(function(err) {
  alert("this never fire.....");

thanks bud, but actually it all works fine (the api get hit, the record are being deleted)

oh wait…maybe i’m returning the wrong thing from the api so ember think it failed?

right now i do this ( web api) : return new HttpResponseMessage(HttpStatusCode.OK);

The catch doesn’t get invoked nor the then? ember-data just internally bails and never resolves the promise? That seems like a bug and you should open an issue there if that’s true.