Different UIs/templates in one app


I’ve posted a question over at Stack Overflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21700839/different-uis-templates-in-one-app/21713562) but from research, it appears it might not have a definitive answer currently in Ember.

I thought I might cross post over here to see whether some of you have a thought as to the best way to achieve this, or whether it is something Ember could do better? My apologies in advance if cross posting is frowned upon.

The outline of the issue is in the SO question above, but so you don’t have to go tracking over there just to have an opinion, I’m trying to create an application that has both the normal application mode, but also some routes that completely tear down the DOM and have their own look and feel (like a fullscreen login page route, which then has sub routes like forgotten password features etc), and I’m finding it difficult with outlets, named or otherwise, to find an effective way of killing off the sidebars/navigation, footers and content in the main application templates, and loading up a completely different DOM (devoid of the wrappings).

Is this something Ember can do currently in the one codebase, ie, easily rendering two completely different interfaces that aren’t related to each other whatsoever?


I also posted on your stackoverflow post but to follow up here as well: I put together a small jsbin to show how you can swap out the template the main application is using per Route. You can find the jsbin here


Adam, thanks a bundle for your idea, and my apologies for the delay in replying.

I tried your method out, and it worked very well, been using it over the last couple of weeks as I’ve built the app up, and I haven’t run into any issues regarding it’s use.

Very much obliged!