Direct access to HTMLBars templates

Hello there ! I’m trying to render a HTMLBars template without using the view system. I’d simply like to be able to turn an HTMLBars template into HTML. I don’t really know how to achieve this. To be more specific, i’m using the latest version of ember cli and i’d like to make a jquery select2 component. I’d like to be able to pass a template name as parameter to my component and use this template as a HTML generator for jquery objects (select2 templateSelection option).

I tried the following approach (in my component):

        var view = this.createChildView(Ember.View.create({
            templateName: templateName,
            data:         data
        var $elem; {
            $elem = $('<div>');
        return $elem;

It works, but i get the following error at the end :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘_elementInserted’ of null

I also tried something like this:

var tpl = this.templateForName(mytemplate);

But i don’t know how to get the HTMLBars default environment and all the required parameters for the render method.

At the end, i just want to be able to turn a HTMLBars template into HTML with a given data object (and if possible, use my handlebars helpers). I still don’t know if i should use the view system (but these whould be orphan views as the parent is a jquery element) or the template system directly.

Any idea ?

Thx !

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I posted a similar problem on StackOverflow and have yet to get a response.

It appears the only method is to convert HTMLBars (and Handlebars?) templates into pre-compiled JS…

im facing a similar issue, but i presume the reason for this is so that they can have more control of the rendering process so that they know exactly what is happening on the dom.