Directly calling the View helper in Ember 1.8

I have a Handlebars helper that returns a ContainerView that has some complex logic for auto generating forms. Before Ember 1.8, my helper worked fine, but now I get an assertion error Assertion Failed: <(subclass of Ember.ContainerView):ember406> must be a subclass of Ember.View, not <(subclass of Ember.ContainerView):ember406>

The helper itself looks like this:

Ember.Handlebars.registerBoundHelper('render-form', function(form_name, options) {
    // FF is a library that generates the ContainerView
    var form = new FF.Form(form_name), 
        // View contains the result of Ember.ContainerView.create()
        view = form.getView();

    return, view, options);

Can someone explain how the helper has changed since 1.8 that is causing this failure?