Disable in-memory store for specific queries


Im currently developing an application where the user can paginate over a long dataset, and the size of the store grows rather large (+1000) after doing many page changes (which downloads more models from the server using store.find).

Im aware of unloadAll but i would like to have a way to tell find to not push the models in the store, instead of unloading every model of that type. Also, the server may include related models in the same response, and keeping track of them in controller code (so they can be unloaded) seems counterproductive.

The idea is let the JS garbage collector free them when no longer referenced, avoid unnecesary steps (pushing and unloading something that the application will not later need), and optionally, a way to push them if desired.

I can use $.ajax (the solution for the time being) but Ember Data can already parse the JSON API response and convert it into models.

This may require a refactor in Ember Data code; I just post this here because im interested to see it integrated before the final release and/or hear any thoughts on this.