Do asset paths defined in environment.js get fingerprinted?

I’m generating a map of asset paths that can be referenced from environment.js but the paths are not being fingerprinted. Is there a trick to this?

I don’t believe they do get fingerprinted. Could you give a little more detail around what you’re trying to achieve?

I have JSON files for i18n. When the application boots, a user profile is loaded and determines what i18n JSON file to load.

I want to fingerprint the i18n JSON files. This would help with cache busting and prevent errors if a user has old/new application with mismatched i18n JSON file loaded.

I was thinking that I could generate a list of file paths and put it in config/environment.js but doesn’t look like config/environment.js goes through the fingerprint process. I tried putting an image path in config/environment.js but the image path did not get fingerprinted.

There are roughly two ways of approaching this, list all the paths somewhere inside the app folder or add code to the build system to access the hashed paths manually

If you don’t have many different language files I’d recommend the first approach, it’s a little less ‘exotic’

For the second approach, you could do a few things but here are two that are the most straightforward:

  1. Add a path to the user profile for the application to get the i18n JSON, HATEOAS and all that
  2. Use an addon to inject the asset map into the application (ember-cli-ifa)

I found a guide for 2. which has the nugget of information around the asset map that can be generated