DS.PromiseManyArray problem with 0 to many relationship

Hello I have an assignment for a company interview. They asked me to build a website where you can ask questions with tags and answers. This is an urgent matter because I’m stuck and I should deploy the website on Friday morning.

Question 1: For each question, I need to add 0 or more tags and answers. I followed this tutorial which seemed nice Mocking a Blog Backend with Mirage and JSON API - Ember Igniter and adapted the code to my need. But instead of rendering tags and answers, ember devtools mentions a DS.PromiseManyArray. I don’t understand. What should I do to make this work? In the tutorial it seems they don’t have that problem.

Question 2: How can I specify each question needs answers and tags? The tutorial only mentions this code

export default class QuestionRoute extends Route {
  model(params) {
    return this.store.findRecord("question", params.question_id, {
      include: "answers",