Dynamic nested route

There should be some kind of support for routes/states that can be dynamically appended to the current route stack. For example, a modal that can appear over any of your child routes that augments the URL to save the modal state.

A use case/example:

  1. You have a master-detail setup
  2. Within the detail you have many nested routes and resources
  3. The master sidebar is constant
  4. You can launch a settings modal from the sidebar.
  5. This modal state can appear over any of those nested detail routes/states
  6. I can link to this modal being displayed over this specific context (think google chrome settings modals).

This could either be implemented as part of a query string api, or built into the current routing system so that ‘/settings’, for example, can be appended dynamically to any of the existing routes. I believe the current working solution would be to subclass resource to ensure a given route is always available, but I bet we could at least have an api to make this cleaner and more versatile.


I’ve added a link to the discussion opened by @wycats 6 months ago discussing query string support for the Router. Some interesting ideas in there, but nothing official.