Dynamic segment on route root path

Hi folks,

Is there a way to have dynamic segments on root routes with some exclusion pattern?

I`d like to do something as:

mydomain.com/:project_shortname → dynamic segment for project route and model mydomain.com/admin → route for admin

Is there a plugin or some idea in how to implement it?

Thank u a lot guys!!!

I don’t know if it is the best way but we use the route below. posts.hbs just contains an outlet. You can do an if in the post.hbs for the admin part like this https://github.com/broerse/outlet-inside-each/blob/master/app/templates/components/posts-list.hbs with ember-truth-helpers

export default Router.map(function() {
  this.route('posts', { path: '/' }, function() {
    this.route('post', { path: '/:site_id', resetNamespace: true });

Perhaps you can just add a route for /admin before the /:site_id but I have not done this yet.

JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging this can be achieved without excluding.

If you really want exclusion you could a check in the product route’s beforeModel hook to check the params for the presence of admin and abort and transition to your admin route.