EAK: How to reference e.g. Ember.TextField in template.hbs?


From the Naming Conventions over at the Ember App Kit Page I can see that every view which is rendered in a Handlebars template via {{#view }}{{/view}} or {{view }} it should be addressed like 'products/car/tech-details' (ignoring the modulePrefix which is just for the ember-jj-abrams-resolver I guess?).

So far so good. That’s when I pull in my own views, but what if I want to pull in some Ember specific view like Ember.TextField because it does exactly what I want? I had no luck referencing it via 'ember/text-field' or 'ember/textfield'… how can I address it?


Ember.TextField is how you reference that as its part of the Ember namespace.


ahh, ok thanks a lot :wink: