EmbeddedRecordsMixin and DS.Store.pushPayload?

Hi all,

Long-time lurker, first time poster.

So, my data contains embedded records, and I am trying to use the EmbeddedRecordsMixin in my serializers to get everything working.

I’m also preloading data using DS.Store’s “pushPayload” method.

I believe I’ve configured my serializers properly as per the EmbeddedRecordsMixin documentation, and I get no errors when pushing the payload with embedded records.

However, despite no errors, the embedded records never make it into the store. I’m wondering if this is supported? Or perhaps pushPayload skips over the magic that makes the EmbeddedRecordsMixin work?

I know EmbeddedRecordsMixin is beta-ish, so I’m wondering if this is supported right now, and if anyone’s had any luck getting it working with pushPayload.


@bradleypriest I believe you worked on the EmbeddedRecordsMixin, so I wanted to get your opinion on this.

@elsurudo I don’t believe the EmbeddedRecordsMixin overrides pushPayload. See: embedded_records_mixin.js and embedded_records_mixin_test.js … there are no calls to pushPayload

Also in my fork I have not added any support for embedded records when using pushPayload.

I think that it would be a good idea to write a failing test for your issue, then opening up a pull request.