Ember 2.11 does not generate acceptance test

Folllwing the tutorial for Ember 2.11, the following command does not generate a test file in tests/acceptance as it has done previously.

ember g acceptance-test some-test

I have verified this by installing 2.8 and trying again.

Is something missing? I have followed all previous instruction in the 2.11 version of the tutorial. The only output I get in the command line is:

installing acceptance-test

This sounds more like a ember-cli issue. There was a recent change (last 6 months) that moved all the blueprints to a separate add-on called ember-cli-legacy-blueprints. So there’s 2 things you need to do. Make sure you’re on the latest ember-cli, and verify you have ember-cli-legacy-blueprints installed.

This is just a bug in the NPM package for ember-source.

It is being tracked in Does not properly generate `*-test` blueprints. · Issue #14936 · emberjs/ember.js · GitHub.

Excellent, thanks for the heads up