Hey all, I’ve ported / rewritten SproutCore’s AutoResize functionality for Ember! It’s still very young, so it probably has a few bugs left in it. This is designed to be a no-fuss mixin. If you have any problems with integration, please leave a ticket on the repository.

You can find it here: https://github.com/paddle8/ember-autoresize

Oh, and I’ve added a very basic website: http://paddle8.github.io/ember-autoresize/

Works great :slight_smile: but how can I add other options like cols and rows ?

@nonyck82 Could you be clearer on what you mean like rows and cols? Currently, you can specify whether you want to resize with / height by setting the flags shouldResizeWidth and shouldResizeHeight (https://github.com/paddle8/ember-autoresize/blob/master/packages/ember-autoresize/lib/mixins/autoresize.js#L79). And you can also set the properties maxWidth and maxHeight to dictate how much the view should resize.