Ember cli build with external configuration



There is some parameter on the ember-cli command to build the project using an external configuration file? I wish to build and generate the project files, but I don’t wish to embbed the configuration in the build. The thing is have the same code in any server, and you only need to change the configuration.

Thanks! Jaume.


I used the add-on Ember CLI Dotenv to solve a similar problem:


Great! it’s exactly what I need.

Thank You!



Today testing on a raspberry-py I see this is not exactly what I need. It’s a good thing to have git code cleaned from machine configurations.

I see that I can change the properties from the index.html generated. It contents all the configuration of the environment in the “<meta name=“view/config/environment” content=” I will make an script to look this file, and change the contents of this attribute as required.

Thanks, Dracks.