Ember CLI, locationType: 'hash', and serving index.html for all URLs

I have a particular use case where I want to use the URL hash for routing within Ember, AND I want for the path part of the URL to be somewhat dynamic too.

For example: localhost:4200/#/properties/edit

Would work exactly the same as this: localhost:4200/about/#/properties/edit

Or this: localhost:4200/products/widgets/model-5000/#/properties/edit

It would be 100% acceptable if navigating between these different URLs would produce a full page refresh, though any hash change in the URL would keep it on the “single page.”

I want for all of these URLs to point to the app/index.html file and for ember-cli to kind of “ignore” the path, but I cannot figure out how to configure Ember-CLI to do this when it’s serving the app. For example, the /about scenario gives me the error “Cannot GET /about.”

Is this possible with plain vanilla ember-cli, or will I need to turn to something like ember-cli-rails to have more flexible routing in development? I’d assume that configuring this to work properly in production would be relatively simple, but I need something that works for development too.