Ember cli pagination not changing the display content

I am using ember cli pagination for local store in my ember app. i have successfully created pagination area with proper page number but the display content is not changing with the page number. here is my code—

in my hbs– {{#each pagedContent as |rule index|}}

{{rule.Name}} {{/each}}
{{page-numbers content=pagedContent}}

in controllers—>

queryParams: [“page”, “perPage”], page: 1, perPage: 3, pagedContent: pagedArray(‘content’, { page: Ember.computed.alias(“parent.page”), perPage: Ember.computed.alias(“parent.perPage”), }), totalPages: Ember.computed.oneWay(“pagedContent.totalPages”),

how to change the display data?

It looks good to me. Does it only show the first page?

yes , for every page number it will show the first page.

I will try to find time to create an Ember App that works with your controller because I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Clone this:

Also just created a Twiddle


i have done exactly the same thing but not working for me.

Yes I think there is something else wrong. Do you get console errors? Can you make a not working example on github or ember-twiddle?

What does your route look like?

my router is like —

> export default Ember.Route.extend({
>   model:function(){
>     return this.store.findAll('rule'); 
>   },
> });

no i dont get console errors.

Looks like you need to add the queryParams config to the route

  queryParams: {
    page: { refreshModel: true },

It should not be necessary. See the twiddle. But it could solve the problem for now. Thanks!

it did not solved my problem

Perhaps share the failing code. If you don’t have an extra filter on your controller I can’t explain this bug.