Ember-cli with Testem


I see that a few files are loaded while using ember test which are

  • vendor.js
  • test-support.js
  • app.js
  • test-loader.js

I have a few other files that I would like to be loaded which define a bunch of globals etc. Is there a way to do that. Ember cli seems to be completely neglecting my “serve_file” config in testem.json. I am kinda new to javascript. Any help is greatly appreciated…


ember-cli uses ‘tests/index.html’ as the served file. If you add a custom script there (that is accessible in the build) it will be picked up and used when you run ‘ember test’.


Thanks @rwjblue. I did put my custom scripts in there and it worked, but I was wondering if instead of putting a bunch of javascript in the index.html, if I could get other files loaded and have them referenced in the index.html?


I was able to do what I was requesting the only reason why I wasn’t able to find my js files was because my modulePrefix in my resolver was different from the folder I was looking in for the file.

You can add all js files by using require(’/’);

Hope that helps someone.