Ember components crashes on production

Hello, first of all, I’m new in ember.js, I started with this about three months ago, I did my first application, locally the application works beautiful, but when I build it on production in a digital ocean droplet I had an issue with one particular view that it’s managing three components at the same, I already create a thread in Stackoverflow, you can see it here here.

I’m having the next error in the server: Property set failed: You passed an empty path

I’m wondering that the problem it’s that i’m using a util inside the application and the utils are only for components, but if someone can help me with the reason I will appreciate it.

Not come across that error but one thing I can spot is that you’re declaring computed properties incorrectly. For example, your color computed property uses progressValue but you tell it that it should update based on width, you have another computed property called contenido which you have set to update on itself.

Not sure how these worked for you locally but try fixing those, it might help :slight_smile:

Computed Properties - The Object Model - Ember Guides - Reference

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Hi @ricky1981 I had updated the thread of stackoverflow, I already found the bug, but I’m still having troubles to fix it, this is because the error is presented when I try to create a property using some data that I had passed into the component, again it’s in the next link http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42942086/ember-components-crashes-on-production

If you can help me with that I will be grateful.