Ember data error: Assertion Failed: You can only add a 'user' record to this relationship

I have a ember model like this:

var attr = DS.attr,
    hasMany = DS.hasMany,
    belongsTo = DS.belongsTo;
App.Message = DS.Model.extend({
    message: attr(),
    user: belongsTo('user'),
    inquiry: belongsTo('inquiry')

I want to createRecord like this:

var createMessage = this.store.createRecord('message', {
    'message': "test message",
    'user': 1,
    'inquiry': 1

I know this question has been asked several times but I can’t find any clear solution. can someone please describe me why this error happening and what will be the solution.I am using Ember: 1.6.1 and Ember-data: 1.0.0-beta.5

The error message says that you are trying to add an object that is not derived from the user model (App.User = DS.User.extend …).

Can you show the Usermodel definition and the object you are trying to add? And another thing:

message: attr(),

should be

message: attr('string'),

how do I pass user model. Do I need to do something like this:

var message = this.store.createRecord('message');
var self = this;
self.store.find('user', 39).then(function(user){
    message.set('user', user);
    self.store.find('inquiry', 2).then(function(inquiry){
        message.set('inquiry', inquiry);
        message.set('message', "hello message");

it looks about right to me

Yes it worked for me. But my question is I am making two extra request to my backend to get user and inquiry model. For example if I have three or four belongs field; then I will have to make three or four extra request to my backend to get those model. Is it right way to do it ? I have another question for you: whats the best way to save currentUser model that way other controller can use it. Thanks for your time and response.

you can inject the current user to all routes and controllers. this might help: http://wrktg.com/articles/understanding-application-register-and-inject-methods/