Ember Data Has Many Relationship Ids Pagination


Hello, I am building an emberjs application and currently trying to reduce server calls.

So, when I am at the profile of a user (lets imagine a social network) the json for the user returns the ids of users that are friends with this user.

Of course, I don’t want to show all the user’s friends in his page, but also I don’t want to fetch them all one by one and just show few by few via a pagination.

What I do want to do is first fetch the first 25 (p.e.) users that are friends of the profile user. Then if needed will get the next 25 users.

Using the {{#each}} helper as well as this.get(‘user.friends’) results in api calls for all of the users friends by the ids the store has.

What is the best way to achieve this ?


You can probably do this using query params with something like ember-cli-pagination.