Ember data in starter kit


Please, please … would be nice to include a working ember-data version in starter kit upgrades. Thank you.


I don’t think this is a good idea until ember-data is 100% ready to go. ember-model is a good, simple, and somewhat similar alternative at the moment, and in general I think we need to wean people off of the idea that ember-data is the only way for Ember apps to talk to the server.


Aha, will give it a try, since I don’t use some features in ember-data. Thanks.


Perhaps it should be removed from ember-rails too for now? I think it should be de-emphasised somehow.

Ember data seems to cause people a disproportionate amount of trouble. It’s the subject over 40% of the posts on this forum, the same on stackoverflow, and what seems like about the same on IRC too.

I think that’s because it’s being used by people who just want to get their app wired up with a minimum of effort because ED’s high profile (even with it’s “Not Production Ready™” warning) makes it look like the official method.