Ember-Data: InnerObject has EmptyObjects - whats not true


Recently, I started to learn Ember-data and I’m writting an application with very custom API. Response from Back-end is in bad format, so i normalize it to JsonApi via method ‘normalizeResponse’ and everything works good.

The problem appears in moment when I want to see content from response. When I was reading about Ember-data, I learned that if got data (InnerObjects), I will be able to take property from it via InnerObject.get(‘some_property’), but it doesnt work for me. If I want ‘some_property’ I have to write InnerObject._data.some_property what looks bad in longer path. I used Ember.debug() to see this path and my browser shows me that property ‘_data’ is EmptyObject what is not true. When i click on it, it shows a list of properly content ( look attachment ). Am I doing something wrong ? Am I forget about something or misunderstood Ember-Data? I will be grateful for any help.