Ember-data: to use or not to use?

I’m trying to decide whether or not to use ember-data. One of the things I assumed about ember-data is that, I have to define all the relationships/types of my data. So that means if I have a property (call it regions) of an object, (call it ‘pageLayout’) and the regions has 3 levels of nesting I get into a nasty situation of having to define all sorts of relational database information that I don’t need on the front end.

For the sake of argument, though I may access and modify all 3 levels or regions, I only need to create data binding on a single region within regions. To me, that seemed to be an argument for not using ember-data. It would be really nice to be able to use the nice parts of ember-data but then just have an ‘object’ attr at some point. Well, upon further research while writing this post, I found this jsbin which seems to do just that. I believe this was made back in 2013, and a lot is changed since then. Is this still an acceptable approach ?

Going a little further down the rabbit-hole of ending data-definition madness, I found this gihub issue which spiraled me into a fractal array of head-scratching … so be careful noobs like me :stuck_out_tongue: . BUT, a useful nuggets I gleaned there: https://github.com/lytics/ember-data.model-fragments which I think could solve my problem.