Ember data very slow


I’ve got a big single page app, In my application i’ve got 30 rows, and each row has an relation to three other models. This become fourhttp requests:

  • /api/modelA
  • /api/modelB?ids=a…
  • /api/modelC?ids=a…
  • /api/modelD?ids=a…

According to the network inspector in chrome, these requests take 55, 22, 11 and 50 ms. i asume they can be async, so first the of 55 ms and after that another 50 ms. So the total request time should take 102 ms with some overhead.

But the page loads very slow (and the brower hang on that moment), and in the ember inspector plugin, under the tab promises. All the ember data promises “Fetching App.ModelA” etc etc, take 16258.00 ms to settle. Thats 16 seconds! how is it possible that the data can be loaded in 100 ms, it are only 30 rows. but it takes ember 16 seconds to fulfill the fetching promise.

How can i find out what is so slow? Or even better how can i fix it?

note: i’ve got a custom serializer, but that one isn’t that extensive, it only makes sure ember understands the json presented.