Ember DC - D3 + Crossfilter Chart Components


Hey guys, I just started working on wrapping dc.js in ember components! I think it will be the perfect mix to take advantage of ember’s bindings and components plus dc.js’s easy api for creating beautiful crossfilter d3 charts. If you’d like to help or check it out I’m making an example app as well so feel free to build it and contribute. I just broke out the mixins to match the dc.js’s API spec. It shouldn’t be to long before I have all the methods wrapped :slight_smile:

Ember DC on Github


Really cool project!


@andrewreedy have you seen the miso project’s d3.chart ‘framework’?

I feel like it’s a step in the right direction towards reusable d3 charts, and it works great with Ember, just wrap them in components and modify the data as you please. Worth checking out, and maybe chatting with some of those guys on IRC. The effort is lead by Bocoup, which did GruntJS, and also organizes the OpenVis conference.