Ember each-in workaround for version < 2


How do I get the following code to work in Ember version 1.13 (I want to print object keys i.e. Reason - 1/Reason - 2) Given my JSON as;

reasons: { "Reason - 1": [null], "Reason - 2": [null] }

And my Handlebars template as;

{{#each-in item.reasons as |key value|}}          
            <tr> <!-- This one does not RENDER -->

This works in Ember v 2.0 +

How do I make the same work for Ember v 1.13 ?


I did not try your code but Ember 1.13.7 gives me some strange errors like this. Switching to Ember 1.13.8 helped me solve my errors. What is your Ember version?


My Ember version is v 1.13.5