Ember Engines (in-repo) duplicate code

I have an in-repo engine that has a dependency on ember-truth-helpers. The host app also has a dependency on ember-truth-helpers. After a building the app I end up with a vendor.js and a engine-vendor.js that define the same helpers. During debug I realize that the engine when invoking the helpers it uses the definition in vendor.js not the one in engines-vendor.js. I would like to remove that (what it seems) unnecessary duplication. As the define function in the loader does not override. Is that possible?

To make this even weird. I just realized that this happens only if the dependency is installed.

you should look into Addon Re-exports as per http://ember-engines.com/guide/sharing-components-and-more

Thanks, but I’m failing to see where does addon re-exporting explains anything that I’m asking. What I’m asking I thing is more related to the build process which is very obscured and the docs really don’t explain much.