Ember - extended controller not overriding property


I have 2 controllers, one extending the other. Have a prop “order” defined in one of them. And need to change value for that in the other controller which extends the first one. But its not doing so.

Controller A:

define('ControllerA', function(){
    var controller = Ember.Controller.extend({
    return controller;

Controller B:

define('ControllerB', ['ControllerA'] function(ControllerA){
    var controller = ControllerA.extend({
    return controller;

This is a very minified version of both controllers. These 2 have different routes which essentially show the same components but with different data, which changes based on order property.

When i go to the 2nd route, i.e B, the value of “order” is not being overridden, i.e. i want it to be 2, but it still picks it up as 1. Am i missing something.


Well, some other piece of code was messing with this, so closing this for now, as this works fine.