Ember - Fetching live records with meta information

I am not sure whether I can ask this question here. I posted the same in stackoverflow, but didn’t get a respose yet.

I have created a comment model and trying to fetch all comments records. But I need a meta info total comments which is getting as a separate attribute outside comments array.

I am using Ember store.query to fetch records from rest service(I tried store.findAll, but it is giving me only record array of comments in promise response. Is it possible to modify that?). I am getting the records with total comments(meta) while using store.query(), but that record array is not getting updated when we save new records.

After doing some analysis I found that we can use filter for loading the live record, but filter is now deprecated in Ember(Ember 2.5.1). From the documentation It is clear that we can use ember-data-filter for loading live record. But I am confused to use that addon(Mentioned like it has some memory leakage issue) and not sure whether I will get meta information from response. Is there is any other way to fetch live records with meta information from the response.

Anyone please suggest a solution