Ember implement list/details view


I am trying to implement a parent/child kind of view as below. i.e. a list is shown initially & on-click of any of the items, I want to be taken to the details view (passing the specific id, making a AJAX request and rendering the child template with the details)

Router.map(function() {
	this.route('pending-items', function() {
		this.route('pending-items-details', {
			path: 'details/:itemId'

My question is do I have to follow specific hiearchy for the folders while creating routes/controllers/templates given the above requirement for pending-items’ & ‘pending-items-details’


I believe so but I haven’t used non pod structure for a long while now. A quick way to test is ember g route pending-items/pending-items-details and see where ember puts it for you.


Here the answer in STACKOVERFLOW :

" http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33152387/ember-implement-list-details-view "