Ember Inspector Development

Hey guys - I was thinking of doing some (primarily front-end/design-focused) work on Ember-Inspector.

Let’s use this thread as Featureland™ so we can talk about what we’d like it to do in an ideal world.

Also, my ‘debugging experience’ is pretty much limited to Chrome & Safari’s Web Inspectors, Firebug (& various plugins) and xCode. Has anyone got any other reference points for ‘well-done debugging’ from other software platforms that I might have missed? Are there any great reference points in VisualStudio or a JetBrains IDE for example?

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I was just going to post about debugging. It would be amazing to have some kind of clear guide or tool that made this easy. I often feel like I have no idea what’s going on inside my app.

I think Ember development would benefit greatly if we had introspection methods like… .toJSON() or the instantiated objects be accessible in the console if that’s possible… window.app or window.App.objects

You can use Ember.inspect(object) in console.log to see values

It would be awesome to be able to navigate the whole object graph and tweak properties in the inspector. I’m imagining something not too different to the WebKit DOM inspector, with properties over on the right.

Aesthetics wise, totally torn between wanting something consistent with the rest of the WebKit inspector, and giving @jongold carte blanche work his magic.

A quick way to query the IoC container with some syntax guidance would be awesome.

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