Ember install issues

Hi, I want to install some addons like ember-uploader, so I run the following command:

$ ember install ember-uploader

The command returns: Installed packages for tooling via npm. Installed addon package.

I saw that this adds some node_module, the issue is that I cant use it as is specified here: https://emberobserver.com/addons/ember-uploader

    import EmberUploader from 'ember-uploader';

    export default EmberUploader.FileField.extend({
      filesDidChange: function(files) {
        const uploader = EmberUploader.Uploader.create({
          url: this.get('url')

        if (!Ember.isEmpty(files)) {
          // this second argument is optional and can to be sent as extra data with the upload
          uploader.upload(files[0], { whateverObject });

It tell’s me that it cant import EmberUploader from ‘ember-uploader’;

It tells me that it cant find the ember-uploader which exists in node_modules directory. Let’s assume that the documentation is ok, what should I do? Thanks.

I have the following: ember-cli: 2.10.0 node: 6.9.2 os: win32 x64

Not sure but import Uploader from 'ember-uploader/uploader'; seems to load the Uploader.

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Tx, so theyrs documentation is wrong.