Ember JS component add async data by ember-data

    console.log('This is didRender');

    let core_report_id = get(this,'coreReport.core_report_id') ;
    let client_database_id = get(this,'coreReport.client_database_id') ;
    let client_role_id = get(this,'coreReport.client_role_id') ;
    var data = this.get('store').find('widget-count-data',   get( this , 'el' )  );


This is a method of component where after component has rendered i tried to call EMBER-DATA via find and amke an AJAX call to get data from server. I also get data in AJAX .

I am not able to understand how i insert that data in my component from where.

As i am new to MVC framework. I have to ask this question.

I do have created a modal regarding this. This compoenet is “widget-data-component”. I have adapter for this and serializer for this with same name.

But ut asked me to created modal with name “widget-component-datum” so i created the model with the attribute.

Still i am getting this. “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of null”

I am still not able to find out the data flow cycle . SO i can determine where i can make changes.

My main aim is to have component should be rendered first . and some data from that component should come after an ajax call. Because that data are coming from different db so for UX we load this components first then we call for that data.

i got data in ember-data , adapter file , serializer file. and when it comes to model it throws error.