Ember js frontend and struts2 backend

how to use ember js and struts2 together???In Ember js version 4.8

I’ve never used Struts but at a high level you want to make sure you’re building a headless, probably RESTful API with Struts. The Rest Plugin looks like a good place to start. Then you’ll need to serve the built Ember app from Struts as static js/css/index.html/images etc. Since the client Ember app is a SPA (single page application) you will probably need to configure Struts to ignore any app paths and delegate them to the Ember app instead.

As far as serialization goes you’ll need to figure out what format Strut uses for request-response. If it’s as close to Rails as it seems like it might be you could use the active-model-adapter addon or just write your own adapter/serializer layer.