Ember.js - Octane is Here

Ember 3.15 is Octane! Curious what Octane means for web development? This blog post will get you oriented.

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Thanks for the detailed blog post, it will be really helpful for anyone who wants to start with Octane. I have a small concern. In the Glimmer components section, for the after example, we are just showing how the template will look like and in the before example, we are showing the component.js , even though the properties @isEnabled and @isActive are coming from the component I think we should also include the component.js in the after example. Otherwise this gives an impression that we don’t need component.js in Octane for new developers or someone starting with Ember.js

In that specific example, you don’t need a backing class! (The guides cover when you do and don’t in detail, so I think it’s fine not to get into the nitty-gritty here.)


Chris is right. The example (working version) doesn’t need a JS class. In fact, even the before part could be done without JS. I guess the example shows how convenient and apparent (official) it is using Octane.

Nice work!

Honestly, I didn’t like the classic version when I tried to use Ember for the first time. But now I like so much the Octane and I will try again!