Ember.js - Octane Release Update

The short version: We're still learning from the community as they adopt Octane, and won't be recommending Octane as the default Ember mode in the Ember's 3.14 release. You can continue to opt-in to Octane in Ember 3.14, and the developer experience of doing so is continuing to improve.

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A big thanks to the whole Ember team for all the amazing work this year making Octane a reality. I, for one, have been using (and shipping) Octane in a few small but non-trivial ember apps for the past few months. Using the Octane blueprint and Ember Canary, my experience has been quite good. The Octane Guides have been very helpful and I don’t really use the Ember Inspector for much so I didn’t even notice any shortcomings. Keep up the good work.


You guys have made an incredible work and you have the right to want to deliver a polished Edition.

If it happens in Ember 3.15 and not 3.14, great!

I am 100% with you on this.


I heartily second all of this! I am grateful to each and every person consistently maintaining and improving the core projects. These updates give me confidence that I and team can best anticipate changes and when we should start adopting nice things.

PSA for ember-mocha users: if you update to 3.13 or higher you may see odd test failures. This is a known bug and has one potential fix.