Ember.js - The Ember Times - Issue No. 112

Gi suilon Emberistas! 🐹

This week: announcing the official Ember Octane release plan 🏎🐹, watch talks from the first Chennai EmberJS Meetup 🇮🇳, read up on fun state management using Microstates 💡, get your tickets to EmberCamp Chicago 🍕, and last, but not least, help improve the EmberArray documentation 👩‍💻👨‍💻!

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Interesting stuff with Microstate.js. It’s really true that DDAU is the Ember way, yet Ember itself does quite little to make this way of working easier/safer/more robust. Are there any plans or ideas to improve the experience with DDAU?

Sorry for the delayed reply! Need to do a better job of watching the comments here. Octane will push you to immutable patterns and DDAU. I’ve added this to our Ember Times topics list, will try to flesh this out in a future issue.

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@erikrothoff Thank you for this great question! We answered it as part of The Ember Times Readers’ Questions this week: Readers' Questions: "Are there plans to improve the experience for using Data Down, Actions Up in the future?"


OMG! Thanks for the awesome response!