Ember.js - The Ember Times - Issue No. 139

வணக்கம் Emberistas! 🐹

Join the all-virtual EmberConf 2020 📺🎉, JHU COVID-19 dashboard - made with Ember! 🐹, Ember Twiddle supports Octane features up to Ember 3.17 💖, videos of the EmberJS Chennai meetup 🇮🇳, ember-models-table v3.0.0 🌟, QR scanning without bundle size growing 📷, check out handy examples of tests in Ember 💡, and a new RFC for handling destroyables 💥!

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We at Feeder also built a COVID-19 aka Corona Dashboard, but for incoming news on the subjects such as news, travel advice and research. It’s also built with Ember.js! It can be found here: https://feeder.co/reader/corona It’s built using our regular stack that ingests public RSS feeds and filters on a set of keywords.


Hi! Are you up for workshopping a short blurb on the Corona Dashboard for the next issue? Ping us on the new issue or #support-ember-times on the Ember Community Discord. Thanks!