Ember.js - The Ember Times - Issue No. 142

👋 Emberistas! 🐹

Community support for the Ember API Docs 📓❤️, release of ember-arg-types 🍎🍊, Ember CLI improvement tips 🚀, betas of Glimmer.js 2 🎉, and last, but not least, watch 3 virtual talks from EmberATX 📽️!

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Do I just follow the guide here to try out the Glimmer Betas? Or is there some other blueprint I should use to try them?

Also I forgot how nice Glimmer Playground is :slight_smile:

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Hi, @piotrpalek. Thanks for reading and asking questions! I’ll see if I can find someone who can help answer them.

@piotrpalek To try out Glimmer 2 Beta:

$ ember new my-app -b "@glimmer/blueprint@2.0.0-beta.5"