Ember.js - The Ember Times - Issue No. 94

Bonghjornu Emberistas! 🐹

This week: calling nested components in Angle Brackets Invocation Syntax πŸ”, 2 RFCs for improving Ember Data πŸ’¬, an exclusive interview with Ember contributor @danielleadams πŸŽ™, user impersonation with Ember Simple Auth πŸ‘€, check out code splitting on routes πŸ––, a brand-new blog post about @action, {{on}} & {{fn}} πŸš€, and last, but not least, EmberCamp videos are live! 🍿

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Awesome writeup yet again :smiley: Curious, couldn’t dash - have been used for directory separation instead? Seeing as how component names are converted from pascal-case anyway:

<Podcast::Components::PodcastCard @episode={{episode}} />

Could be

<Podcast-Components-PodcastCard @episode={{episode}} />

Where - becomes a directory separator.

Maybe! It was more of β€˜let’s just get a thing out there that we can code mod away later.’ keeping bikeshedding down, ya know?

Nested component invocation is intended to be replaced by template imports… Eventually. It’ll be automatic though. (This is all in the name of reducing complexity)

I do realize that it’s throwing a wrench in the veritable bike shed :smiley: I’m just super happy it’s finally solved. Converting my projects to angle brackets as we speak :dancer:


Your dash idea is interesting; I didn’t think about that before.

Another reason that :: was selected is better existing supports from Handlebars, simple-html-tokenizer, and syntax highlighters.


Cheers for converting your projects to angle brackets! :star2:

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