Ember: “Map” mismatching api objects (asp.net web api) to ember models

From what I’ve learned so far I know I have to do something in the serializer to solve the following, but a bit lost…

My api, return an object named PortfolioSummaryDto, and my Ember model is named “portfoliolistitem”.

This gives me the following error (which make sense) Encountered “portfolio_summary_dtos” in payload, but no model was found for model name “portfolio-summary-dto” (resolved model name using dealview1@serializer:-rest:.modelNameFromPayloadKey(“portfolio_summary_dtos”))

Going forward I’d like to call any API call, where the returned object/s and its names (and property names) are totally different from my Ember models.

Can someone point me to some reading how one “map” api objects to ember models?

Look into this addon… it’s not up to date but should still work tho

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haha…i tried it earlier, did not work and kept searching for an alternative. then (other reasons) totally messed up my project, started over and tried this plugin again…and it works out of the box.

thanks man