Ember mirage, return multiple objects

Hi, I have two objects defined in my mirage config.js they look like this:

  var campaigns = [
      id: '1',
      type: 'marketing',
      name: 'Taylor Stitch - Back in Stock',
      subject: 'The Shuttle Loomed Selvage Chambray Jack',
      from: 'contact@taylorstitch.com',
      preheader: 'Shuttle Loomer Selvedge Chambray Jacks are now available for immediate delivery.',
      createdAt: Date.now(),
      lastModified: Date.now(),
      activeTemplateId: 'rebelmail-templates/multiproduct/v1',
      templateSettings: templateSettings

  var meta = {
    page: 1,
    perPage: 10,
    totalPages: 1

Everything works fine if I return the hardcoded objects in my endpoint like this:

 this.get('/campaigns', function () {
    return {

But if I create a factory for campaigns, then I get an error no matter how I try to return both objects:

 this.get('/campaigns', function (schema, request) {
    return schema.campaigns.all(), meta;

//Assertion Failed: The response to store.query is expected to be an array but it was a single record. Please wrap your response in an array or use `store.queryRecord` to query for a single record."

I’m brand new to mirage, how can I pull of what I’m trying to achieve properly?