Ember-mocha: nyan reporter

Hey there,

I’ve asked this question on Slack some time ago. I wasn’t able to find succeed then, so I’m posting here in case someone has the time and ability to help in the long run.

I’m quite a fan of ember-mocha. I don’t like using the test --server option, but I rather run the test in the cli. The default reporters that are available are tap, dot and xunit. While they do the job, I don’t find them as comfortable or motivational as the nyan reporter from mocha.

So here it is: Is there any way to get the nyan reporter for ember-mocha?

So far, I haven’t managed to find where to set the reporter. I tried setting it in tests/test-helper.js and testem.js as well, but it broke the tests in both cases. Most of the time, I get the Test reporter \nyan` not found.` error.

Did you find the way to enable nyan reporter?

I’m loosing my will to develop if nyan is not cheering me up :frowning: