Ember Objects: new vs. create


Something that’s been bugging me for a while is the difference between using the new keyword versus using the create function. One or two Ember objects specifically mention using the new keyword in their documentation (Set for example). Yet most Ember documentation uses the create method, and some people even mention that using new is just plain wrong.

So, is there any real difference between using new to instantiate an Ember object and using the create method?


I almost forgot I posted this. Anyway, I looked at the source code, and here’s the relevant snippet:

create: function() {
  var C = this;
  if (arguments.length>0) { this._initProperties(arguments); }
  return new C();

So it looks like the only difference is that create will initialize properties (if you pass some in) and new won’t. So if you don’t need to initialize any properties at creation, or you need to pass the argument directly to init, it looks like using new is just fine.


It’s been a while, but I wanted to give an update to this. Today, we experienced a bug caused by using new Ember.Object() instead of Ember.Object.create(). In other words, I wouldn’t ever recommend using the new keyword with an Ember object subclass.