Ember-pikaday localization

Can anybody explain how to use a locale that is set up globally in an initializer as follows:


export function initialize(applicationInstance) {
  let i18n = applicationInstance.lookup('service:i18n');
  let moment = applicationInstance.lookup('service:moment');
  let locale = calculateLocale(i18n.get('locales'));
  i18n.set('locale', locale);

function calculateLocale(locales) {
  // whatever you do to pick a locale for the user:
  const language = navigator.languages[0] || navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage;

  return  locales.includes(language.toLowerCase()) ? language : 'en-GB';

export default {
  name: 'i18n',

in ember-pikaday add-on ? I tried to follow the steps in their README without success. Thank you.