Ember promise error logger not catching exception

I have code to log errors based off of this code from the site. Debugging - Understanding Ember.js - Ember Guides

Ember.RSVP.on('error', function(error) {
    Ember.Logger.assert(false, error);

But it won’t catch errors like this, they are swallowed up.

extend: function(){
    var _this = this;
    return new Ember.RSVP.Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
        throw new Error('this won\'t be caught');
        var theAuthenticator = _this.container.lookup(_this.authenticator);
        theAuthenticator.extend(_this.content.secure).then(function(content) {
            throw new Error('this WILL be caught');
            _this.setup(_this.authenticator, content, false);
        }, function(error) {

How do i catch errors like this?